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Greek Conference Interpreter | Greek Interpreter Services

We hosted one of the most important European Hoteliers Conference and needed conference interpreters on several language including two greek conference interpreters. I have found your service highly professional and all your interpreters received great feedback. Thank you!

 Tiberius, Hotel 55 London Ealing, https://hotel55-london.com

Our professional Greek Translators, Greek Interpreters / Greek Conference Interpreters have obtained the appropriate qualifications and they have solid relevant experience (they are experienced in business interpreting). They abide by professional standards of ethics, conduct and practice and they are acquainted with the latest technologies in the field.


Greek Translator, Greek Interpreter and Greek Conference Interpreting specialising in Greek Conference Interpreting services and Greek Translation ServicesMARIA | Why Choose Me?

Solid academic training in Translation and Greek Conference Interpreting provided me with skills and knowledge to meet the professional standards. My education comprises experiences in several specialised universities across Europe. Professionally speaking I also pursued an international career with freelance and in-house experiences in Greece, Turkey, Germany, France, Portugal and Ireland. I have worked as a Greek translator and Greek interpreter/Greek conference interpreter covering linguistic needs mainly for the Greek and Turkish market. Joining the professional association of official Greek translators graduates from the Ionian University, PEEMPIP, was also a crucial step to ensure compliance with professional principles.


Professionalism, deep cultural awareness and passion for translating and interpreting are main characteristics of my personality.

 Wide-range portfolio covering several areas: Greek Translator in Business and marketing, Greek translator in finances sectors, Greek Translator in the legal field, Greek translator in the medical field, Greek Translator in the technical arena, Greek Translator in the automotive industry , Greek Translation Services in the agriculture sector, Greek Translation Services in the environmental sector, localization, conferences, negotiations etc. I am ready to accept challenges and successfully complete the background research to best prepare for your subject.
 I am aiming at high quality standards for all projects. When I accept a project, I make sure I can fulfil this requirement.
 Registered court Greek Interpreter in my local administrative district and member of PEEMPIP, a translators’ association participating in FIT and EULITA.
 Official (certified) Greek translation services recognised by Greek and foreign authorities.

About me

I am native professional Greek Translator and conference interpreter with international experience in several multicultural environments. A solid academic background and valuable professional experience throughout Europe are the characteristics which resulted in my advanced intercultural communication skills. With a deep linguistic and cultural knowledge I intermediate between cultures and make sure customers’ messages are successfully transmitted to the targeted audience.

– Greek Translator
– Greek Conference Interpreter (simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and community interpreting)
– Project Manager
– Editor / Proofreader

Working languages:

English, German, French, Turkish, Greek

Professional honesty and clear deals, I like being honest to customers. If something is beyond my capabilities, I prefer to clearly explain and kindly refuse, rather than accept at any cost and take the risk to fail. If I feel the given time is not enough to complete my assignment, I prefer to ask for an extension or refuse the project in case extension is not possible, rather than undertake the assignment simply in order not to miss an opportunity and then fail to deliver on time, thus creating problems to customer’s schedule.
A professional approach requires mutual trust and I can only be trusted by customers, if I am honest and make a clear deal pertaining to all project details from the beginning. I understand that my work has direct implications to the customer’s business. Therefore valuing the customer’s needs and targets can only have a positive impact to my own professional activity.

Greek Translation Services and Greek interpreting assignments should be assigned to professionals. It is important to understand that speaking a foreign language doesn’t make you automatically a Greek translator or Greek interpreter. Greek Translators/Interpreters need hard training and practice, intense concentration, specialist knowledge, professional skills and a good sense of professional ethics. All colleagues I cooperate with have received proper education to fulfil the above requirements. Cheap cooperation offers from non-qualified applicants are not taken into consideration when defining the team of reviewers I will cooperate with in customers’ projects.

My Education as Greek Translator, Greek Interpreter and Greek Conference Interpreter

2009 – 2011 Aristotle University – Master’s degree, Conference Interpreting, qualified Greek Interpreter

In this master’s programme of Aristotle University I was trained in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. The programme included interpreting labs, but also supplementary courses about Modern European History, Psycholinguistics, EU policies, EU history, voice coaching and language enhancement in all working languages. Furthermore, the programme involved our participation in several real conferences and events as a training practice, where we provided Greek interpreting services together with experienced colleagues. Among these internships we could mention events organised by institutions in Thessaloniki, such as the French Institute, the organisation for Women called TOWER and the Thessaloniki Documentary and Film Festival, the Special Olympic Games 2011 in Athens and the dummy booth opportunities in the meetings of the European Commission and Parliament.

2003 – 2008 Ionian University, Degree in Translation Studies, Grade 8,08/10, qualified Greek Translator

This studies programme was about the science and methodology of translation. The programme included translation labs with specialisation in technical, medical, legal and financial translation. Supplementary courses, such as Foreign language enhancement, introduction to domestic and European law, Greek and foreign literature, economics, political science etc. were also offered.
Translation internships were arranged in private ad public institutions during the summer months of the academic year. The University supported bilateral programmes with foreign universities. Thus I had the chance to spend a semester full of translation and subtitling labs in the Institute of Translation, Interpreting and International Relations of Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg.

Other language classes:

15/7/2009–15/8/2009 Czech Language and Literature
Palacký University in Olomouc, Olomouc (Czech Republic)
▪Summer School of Slavonic languages.
▪Czech language courses. A1 level diploma obtained.

2008-2010 Spanish classes up to intermediate level
B2 of Instituto Cervantes

Online courses via Coursera
▪Constitutional struggles in the Muslim world (University of Copenhagen)
▪Contraception: Choices, Culture and Consequences (University of California, San Francisco)
▪Digital Marketing Channels: The Landscape, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Webinars through PEEMPIP
▪A guide about website translation
▪Legal terminology
▪The basics of SDL Studio 2015
▪How to draft a translator’s CV

Conferences through Proz
▪CAT Tool & Software day – September 29, 2015
▪ProZ.com 2015 virtual conference for International Translation Day – September 30th, 2015
Other training and education

Supplementary language, translation and interpreting courses:

2006–2007 Translation Internship
Université Marc Bloch de Strasbourg, Institut de Traduction, Interprétation et Relations Internationales (ITI-RI), Strasbourg (France)
▪Greek Translation and subtitling
▪French language and Culture

2007–2008 German Language and Literature
Leibniz Universität Hannover, Hannover (Germany)
▪German language (grammar, oral, writing, reading etc)
▪German literature, history and culture

1/9/2010–30/9/2010 Conference Interpreting – Intensive Course
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germersheim (Germany)
▪Conference interpreting in consecutive, simultaneous mode
▪Mock conferences

2/2011–6/2011 Turkish Language and Literature
Bosphorus University, Istanbul (Turkey)
▪Turkish language and literature
▪English for International Relations

7/2011–12/2012 Turkish Language and Literature
TÖMER Institute – university of Ankara, Istanbul (Turkey)
▪Turkish language
▪Higher diploma of Turkish as a foreign language granted by TÖMER

Services I offer as Greek Translator, Greek Interpreter and Greek Conference Interpreter

Simultaneous / Conference Interpreting

I provide simultaneous Greek interpreting services in conferences, event organisations, discussion panels etc. Simultaneous interpreting is usually done in a booth together with a colleague. An example of an event I provided simultaneous Greek interpreting services at is the training sessions for the BMW 7 series addressed to BMW car dealers.

Greek Whispering interpreting (Chuchotage)

It is actually simultaneous interpreting. The difference here is that it doesn’t involve a booth and it is usually offered to a small audience consisting of maximum 2-3 persons. The Greek interpreter sits behind or close to the delegates and whispers the interpretation into their ear.

Greek Consecutive interpreting services

Consecutive interpreting takes place when no equipment (booth) is provided. It can be done before small or big audiences and requires good command of note-taking and memory techniques. In consecutive interpreting the interpreter takes notes while the speaker is talking and renders the speech into the target language afterwards. The interpretation occurs usually after every 10-15 minutes of speech. As an example of consecutive interpreting I can mention my services to the Thessaloniki Film and Documentary Festival, where I offered interpreting services during the presentation of films and Q&A sessions with the audience.

Greek Liaison interpreting services

It is a kind of consecutive interpreting, with the difference that it is usually offered to small groups and the speeches between two interpretation intervals are shorter. It usually involves dialogues between the parties and requires interpretation into both directions (both languages). I usually offer liaison interpreting services to businessmen visiting fairs and other sites.

Greek Community interpreting services

This kind of interpreting is used in healthcare facilities, immigration offices, courts and other public authorities. The role of the community interpreter is different in these cases and involves a solidarity dimension as well, since the clients are often vulnerable ethnic groups, who are in an unequal relationship of power with their interlocutor. As a registered court interpreter in my region, I offer community interpreting services to the local court and police officials.

Greek Translation Services
I am offering Greek translation services to businesses, public authorities, public or private institutions, NGOs and private consumers. My professional approach involves responsible planning, attention to accuracy and to industry-specific terminology. At the same time it’s important to note that Greek Translation goes beyond words, especially when referring to culture-specific elements or when aiming at capturing consumers’ interest though marketing campaigns. This prompts me to put the meaning and the purpose of a text at the centre of my attention in order to convey the message to the targeted audience in the most effective way.

Official (certified) Greek Translation Services

As a graduate of the Ionian University and member of PEEMPIP, I am entitled to offer official Greek Translation Services recognised by Greek and foreign public authorities. Since official translations require a special procedure, customers are kindly required to inform about such a need in time before the translation process starts.

Greek Editing / proofreading services

Review and proofreading are additional linguistic services I can offer. If you need your Greek translation to be checked as per its accuracy, grammar and syntax, register of speech, communication purpose and other details, I’ll be glad to make this quality control for you. It’s important for your text to sound natural for native speakers and to have an appropriate style for the purpose it’s going to be used for.

Localization services

It is a process applied very often in software, websites, apps and other online platforms. Except of the translation it also involved the adaptation of the product for local markets. In this framework I can advise customers about the name of their product, so that it doesn’t have a negative connotation for locals, discuss what it would be a good price offer considering the targeted audience and their financial situation, help them design effective marketing campaigns adapted to local customs and mentality etc.

Greek Subtitling services, Audio Transcription

Greek Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

Innovation Drive, BMW Munich: Product launch training for BMW 7 series, simultaneous interpreting

Cinema and Documentary
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival: interpreting in Q&A sessions after film screenings

Fine Arts
French Institute of Thessaloniki: event about Toulouse Lautrec, speech delivered in French by Anne Roquebert

Sports organizations
Greek Community interpreting services in Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011

Greek Court/Legal Interpreting services
Registered Greek Court Interpreter

Greek Business and technical interpreting services
Greek Liaison interpreting services in fairs and business visits, business talks about various technical products

Greek Medical interpreting services
Greek Community interpreting services for patients

Legal translations:
Business contracts: partnerships, co-operations, sales agreements, leasing agreements, T&Cs
Technical contracts: photovoltaic systems, patents
Insurance contracts
Administration: Legislation, Orders, Regulations, Circulars, Decisions etc.
Court: Rulings, minutes, lawsuits, statements of defense, divorces, other court statements
Notaries: Power of attorney, certificates of succession, wills, demand letters etc.
Military documents
Police documents
Official (certified) translations of degrees and certificates

Technical Greek Translation Services:
Greek Translation Services of Patents
Greek Translation Services of Device user manuals
Greek Translation Services of Instructions and descriptions for machines and tools
Greek Translation Services in the Automotive Industry
Baby products
Pet food and fish product descriptions
Nautical items
Chemical products
Agriculture – seeds
Wine production

Medical translations:
Medical reports
Medical websites – diseases and treatment methods
Medical herbs

Business, marketing and finances:
Business correspondence and offers
Accounting and tax documents, invoices and receipts

Kaave Fali, app localization
Online gaming: marketing, description, instructions, T&C
SurveyMonkey, localizing and running LQA controls in the online platform and user interface (2-year in-house employment)

Journalism and Politics:
Articles on actual topics, focus areas: Greece, Turkey, Middle East

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

Local and international businesses
Public authorities
Public or Private Institutions
Private Consumers

Professional Affiliations To Translator and Interpreting bodies

PEEMPIP, a member association of FIT and EULITA
Greek-Turkish Chamber of Northern Greece

Reviews about my Greek Interpreting and Translation Services

Maria is very professional, willing to help and delivered several projects with tight deadlines ahead of time. A pleasure to work with.
Margarida Martins, Client from Portugal

It’s rare that you come across a language master like Maria. She speaks 1, 2, 3, 4 languages? You name it. She is awesome. I have had the tremendous pleasure of working very closely with Maria for two years at SurveyMonkey ensuring the success of our int’l customers. She has worked on many language localization projects with excellent deliverables.
Luis Calado, Customer Engagement Manager at SurveyMonkey

Maria is fast and efficient, good communication, always willing to go the extra mile. I highly recommend her. I will keep working with her.
Athena Papadatou, Translation Art

Georgios, a Greek Translator / Greek Interpreter / Greek Conference Interpreter providing Greek Interpreting Services and Greek Translation ServicesGEORGIOS | Why Choose Me?

I have worked as a Greek freelance translator and interpreter for over a decade and have lived extensively in
the countries whose languages I speak.

About me

I am fully bilingual (English & Greek) and have lived, worked and studied in the U.K., U.S.A., Sierra Leone, Greece, and Japan.
Whether interpreting or translating, I take the process of communication very seriously, both form a linguistic and a cultural

My Education as Greek Interpreter and Greek Conference Interpreter

Ph.D., Religious Studies, Stanford University, Stanford, U.S.A.; Specializatin: Japanese Religions.
M.A., Oriental Religions, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, U.K.
Graduate Studies in Finance, London School of Economics, U.K.
B.A., Japanese, Stanford University, U.S.A.

I have attended translation courses in Japanese to English and at the moment am studying Mandarin Chinese.
Assistant Professor of Japanese Studies; Director, Buddhist Studies in Japan Program, Antioch University,
Yellow Springs, U.S.A. (5/2013–1/2016).

Services I offer as Greek Interpreter and Greek Conference Interpreter

Greek translating services;Greek interpreting services; voice-over.
Greek translating services; Greek interpreting services; voice-over.


Greek Interpreter and Translation fields I specialise in

Business, technology, Humanities.

Examples of past assignments:
– interpreting at Greek wine producers’ event in Japan
– interpreting for Greek businessman in Japan

Business, technology, Humanities, law.

Examples of past assignments:
– Greek Translation Services of CD Rom on Greek history into English
– translating a legal document from Greek into English for an NGO

Portfolio: Some of the clients I worked with.

Reviwes about my Greek Interpreting services are available on request

Professional Affiliations To Translator and Interpreting bodies

Fellow, Royal Geographical Society
Member, European Association of Japanese Studies